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Stick me in the microwave, cover me in foil, and blow me up to f***.

I was gone for a bit.

For like, I mean, years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going back into web dev. But I figure I could do with somewhere to vent and rant in public, you know? As well as giving little insights into new projects as well, I guess, and giving folks I know some idea of what I’m doing.

For some context, this blog fell by the wayside in… ooh… 2015, when it was called Common Mode Noise (see what I did there?) and it was primarily for radio-related stuff. But now the world has moved on, the internet has moved on, and I’ve moved on. Refocused my interests and decided to do better for myself.

For those of you who met me in FFXIV, yes I still play it (although currently on a hiatus.)

I’ve gone from being a bit of a bum, chronically unemployed, to standing on my own two feet with a fledgling career (and looking damn good while doing it), getting my teeth well and truly stuck into a law degree which I’m getting decent marks for across the board.

So yes. Things have been looking up, and here’s hoping they continue to do so. Expect to actually see me use this thing from now on.

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